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frequently asked questions

Do you accept health insurance?

We do not work directly with any insurance providers. Our practice focuses on meeting your individual healthcare goals and we will not let insurance dictate your health. Along with that, most insurance does not cover chiropractic care for children or wellness plans. We are not willing to exclude the segment of the population that chiropractic care can benefit and impact the most. This not only allows our practice members to get more out of their care, but often we find that our prices are significantly less than what you would typically pay with insurance. We offer several cash-based care plans that utilize incredible benefits of individual and family savings plans. No matter what the situation is, we work hard to make the care affordable for our practice members.

What technique does Dr. Trevor use?

Dr. Trevor is trained in many different techniques to best fit your specific needs. His primary technique is a combination of Torque Release Technique and Zone. He tests your nervous system to discover the primary nerve interference in your body. He then uses an instrument to deliver a gentle and specific adjustment to clear that interference. Dr. Trevor also uses Webster Technique during all stages of pregnancy, which focuses on balancing the pelvis to help moms have the best pregnancy and delivery as possible. 

Does my child need chiropractic care?

Under gentle and specific chiropractic care, kids can adapt, grow, and thrive right from the start! Even kids who aren't experiencing obvious symptoms should still be checked and adjusted if necessary to allow their nervous system to function much more effectively. When kids are able to adapt better to their environment, their quality of life increases. Chiropractic care now can help avoid health complications down the road.

What if my child is too wild or unable to sit still for an adjustment?

Dr. Trevor is extremely patient when it comes to kids. We take care of kids with extreme ADHD, with emotional melt-downs, and toddlers who are always on the go.  We have the skills and patience to assure your child gets the best care possible. Also, because of Dr. Trevor's expert analysis, routine visits are often 10 minutes or less.  Since we make visits fun, most kids ask their parents when their next trip is and are excited for their adjustment!

Is chiropractic care for me as well?

Regular chiropractic care is designed to keep your body connected to it's ability to  self-heal and self-regulate. The communication between the brain and body when functioning the way it is supposed to controls every physiological process we go through, such as digesting, sleeping, and immunity. For optimal well-being, it is very important to keep the neuro-spinal system free and clear for communication and adaption to occur. Whether your goal is simply to get out of pain and discomfort or even enhancing your overall quality of life, we focus on how you are functioning instead of how you are feeling so that we can help you reach those goals!

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