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I brought my son Westin to see Dr. Trevor to improve his sleeping habits, behavior, and issues he was experiencing with constipation. Since Westin has been under Dr. Trevor’s care, his sleep pattern has greatly improved, his behavior is better and his bouts of constipation have lessened! My family’s interactions with Dr. Trevor and his staff have been very welcoming and friendly. To anyone considering care at Foundations PFC, do it! You will not regret it.

- Chelsea S.

My son Nathan struggled with increased anxiety and depression that his medication was no longer able to help, and I was told he would need to see a psychiatrist. I wanted a different option for his overall wellness, so we began care at Foundations PFC. Since beginning care, Nathan is much calmer with less anxious outbursts, and his personality is improving. We all enjoy visiting Foundations PFC. The staff is excellent and willing to listen to all of our needs. I would strongly recommend care at Foundations PFC to anyone struggling with a similar issue!

-Kelly S.

I originally came to Foundations PFC because of chronic pain in my neck and shoulder, which was compounded by the death of my husband. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate, was absent minded, and had lost my appetite. Since being under Dr. Trevor’s care, my chronic pain has diminished by 90%! I now sleep better, eat regularly, my concentration has greatly improved, and even my balance has gotten better. The staff at Foundations PFC continually make an effort to get to know you and they listen to your concerns. To anyone considering care at Foundations PFC, you may be surprised by the results in a good way! You will notice that even areas of your health you don’t think need help will improve.

- Cinda M.

I started coming to Foundations PFC because of my battle with chronic Lyme Disease as well as neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Trevor’s neurologic approach to chiropractic care made me hopeful that I could find relief and healing. Since being under Dr. Trevor’s care, my neck and shoulder pain is gone, and I have not experienced a flare up with my Lyme Disease in months. I have noticed so many improvements! My interactions with Dr. Trevor and his staff at Foundations PFC have been great. The staff is friendly, and they communicate well. If you are considering care at Foundations PFC, it is a great way to heal your whole body!

- Kim R.

I came to Foundations Chiropractic because I was experiencing stress and anxiety on a daily basis from all of life’s physical and emotional demands. Since being under care, my stress and anxiety have decreased drastically, and I am feeling better and have been able to handle the pressures of life! Dr. Trevor and Katy are super friendly and truly care about my health and well-being. I am not a number to them, I am a valued and cared for patient. For anyone considering care at Foundations, start a treatment plan! Your health and well-being will greatly improve. Foundations is family friendly and does an outstanding job taking care of their patients.

-Matt W.

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