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YOU Decide YOUR Health!

Contrary to popular belief, disease or disorder is not due to the fact that your aunt twice removed had x,y, or z. It is not just simply bad luck and genetics that you or your child has a certain disorder or disease, that way of thinking is the traditional medical model. Here are a few reasons we know this is not the case.

1. In just 1-2 generations (which is not nearly enough time for a population’s genetics to drastically change), rates of chronic illness in kids have risen quickly to very troubling levels, making a case that genetics really are not playing the biggest role here.

2. In all reality genetics being at the core of all of these disorders and diseases was disproven over 20 years ago through research and science breakthroughs of Dr. Bruce Lipton bringing epigenetics into the picture. Epigenetics says that there have been similar ENVIRONMENTAL factors for many diseases or disorders in a family, meaning you probably ate similar foods to your parents and your grandparents and had similar lifestyles to your parents and your grandparents.

Genetics do NOT decide YOUR health, YOU do.

One thing that we hear all the time is “that’s normal this time of year” or “kids just go through that.” In all reality that is NOT the case. More accurately, these things that are considered “normal” should more appropriately be considered “common.” It may seem like we a splitting hairs here, but it is actually an extremely important distinction that we have to make. Why? Just because something is common absolutely does NOT mean that it is normal. It is this exact thinking that gets us on the wrong track with our health and especially our kids’ health. We are told “kids just get constipation,” “kids get ear infections all the time,” or “they will GROW OUT OF IT” and nothing else is done to look at WHY these things are happening. Kids do not grow OUT of things; they just grow INTO different and bigger things. What is “normal” for the time of year or for a certain age does not decide yours or your child’s health.

YOU are in charge and get to make the decisions for YOUR health. Your medical provider can give options in healthcare (and SHOULD be giving options and possible outcomes for ALL decisions), but ultimately it is YOUR choice. There should never be a time when someone says the doctor “let me.” My OB “let me” go to 40 weeks or “let me” do delayed cord clamping. My pediatrician “let me” do an alternate vaccination schedule or “let me” hold off on antibiotics for an ear infection. My primary care doctor “let me” get off my medication for _____ or “let me” choose a treatment plan for my disease. If your health care provider every says that they are going to “let you” do anything, RUN. When your trusted health professional “lets you” do anything, this takes any empowerment and responsibility away from YOU for your health and wellness.

At Foundations, we are here to come along side you and help you take control of your health! Dr. Trevor will always be there to give advice or his opinions, but the choices in our office are always YOURS to make. If you need support in how to ask the right questions or make changes with your current medical care so you feel HEARD and IN CONTROL, let us know. We are here for you!

Your providers do NOT decide your health. Your genetics do NOT decide your health. The time of year does NOT decide your health. What you have seen happen to other people with similar issues does NOT decide your health.


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