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Health is a LIFESTYLE

In this blog we are going to shift gears a little bit and not ONLY talk about chiropractic. When you come into our office, you do not see supplements and you do not see other therapies. You see tables to be adjusted on, a welcoming space, and scans to test neurologic function.


Why is this the case? The answer is simple - because we know chiropractic and your nervous system and we are experts at that. We cannot be everything for everyone, and we also do not want to dilute what we do here. With that being said, there is a time and place for other natural solutions to be added to your life. We want to make sure that you all know that we encourage you to make LIFESTYLE changes and decisions that will better your health overall. We are not anti-other things in your life, in fact we are all for that. We know that for the most part, chiropractic is not the end all be all. We know. Blasphemy coming from us, but it is true.


With that being said, we do know that neurologically based chiropractic care will ABSOLUTELY help your body communicate better and begin to function and adapt quicker to stressors of life. We also know that your nervous system controls every single part of your body, so neurologic chiropractic needs to the be the FOUNDATION for health in your body. That foundation NEEDS to be set strong FIRST and then built on with other natural choices for your health. Built on with certain therapies, built on with lactation care for nursing moms and babies, built on with supplements when necessary, and built on with exercise and good daily routines. All with a clear and connected nervous system as the foundation.

The Bible says our bodies are living temples to glorify God. Making healthy choices to improve these bodies is such an awesome way to give him praise! Getting adjusted but then turning around and having a poor diet, no movement, substance issues, loads of medications, and no sleep is not going to set your body (or your mind for that matter) up for success. Adjustments are a great kick start but needs to be supported. The body works as a whole and needs to be cared for as such!


We encourage you to investigate these other natural health remedies to build on to your regular routine. If you need any suggestions or referrals let us know and we can help you find them or direct you to someone who may be able to help more.


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